Saturday, September 25, 2010

Qi Hu said the accusations of its being linked to horse Rising false announcement

July 9 afternoon news, odd tiger has just issued a statement, for the Rising on the "odd tiger was linked to horse," the notice, a statement was false Qihoo network information, find it remarkable is not related to Standard loopholes were not linked to horses.

This afternoon, the Rising's public announcements, said that under the Rising "Cloud security" system of monitoring, hackers are currently using Microsoft's latest video crazy loopholes for large websites linked to Malaysia, July 8 day total of 377 million Internet users were the Class web page linked to horse attacks, seized a total of 760 000 linked to horse websites, including "odd tiger net" part of the page is also linked to hackers using the latest vulnerabilities horse.

Qihoo denied, said the announcement Rising false.

The following is the odd tiger Statement:

First, the odd tiger website without any flaws and have not been "hanging horse"; Rising to hang horse news broadcast was false;

Secondly, the reason will be guilty of such company Rising junior mistake, because the company has not done searching, no search technology. Qihoo site is a well-known search engine of community service. Rising published page is the odd tiger a community search engine search results pages show, this is a blog from the Internet page (link to:, 7f9145, 2367_15523.html users to prevent misuse Click the address prior to the increase of the number "123"). This was "horse hung" the search results page in Google, Baidu, and other famous search engine results page, is not uncommon;

Photo caption: 360 security guards were always able to intercept "horse hung" the blog page

Third, the odd tiger net relevant departments have recognized the 360 Security Center, the domain name the final page has indeed been implanted malicious code, but the 360 security guards always be able to block the domain. 360 security guards for all the users will not be a threat to the pages linked to the horse.

Qihoo Network

July 9, 2009

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