Sunday, October 10, 2010

MAC and IP addresses tied to theft are no longer

In network management, IP address fraudulent usage is frequent, 涓嶄粎 normal use of the network impact, and because the address of the unauthorized use of authority is often high, thus causing a large number of users of economic loss and potential security hidden. What measures have the greatest possible to avoid such phenomena happen? In order to prevent IP address theft, you can assign the proxy server IP address, the IP address and network card address binding.

For dynamic allocation IP, do a DHCP server to bind the user network card MAC address and IP address, and then set according to different IP rights. For static IP, if using three switches, you can switch ports on each IP address so limited, if someone changes their IP address, then his network was unreasonable. We are now bound for the static IP address to explain an example.

View Network Card MAC Address

Click on "Start", select "Run" and then enter winipcfg command inside, which you can find out your network card address.

Record before the proxy server, allowing network administrators to a static IP address of your Internet records and the address of the computer's network card bundle. Specific command is:

ARP-s 00-EO-4C-6C-08-75

This will be your static IP address of the Internet (assuming that and network card address (assuming a 00-EO-4C-6C-08-75) bound with a computer, even if your IP address stolen can not access through a proxy server. One should note that this command only in the LAN Internet proxy server useful, but also a static IP address, like normal dial-up Modem is a dynamic IP address on does not work.

ARP function of each parameter Introduction

ARP 顨?s 顨?顨?d 顨?顨?a 顨?br />
-S - to the corresponding IP address and physical address of the bundle.

-D - delete the given IP address and physical address of the bundle.

-A - Arp protocol by querying the table to display the IP address and physical address corresponding to the situation.

As a network manager, if the MAC address and IP on the binding flexibility in the use of skilled, it will create a very safe environment conducive to security risks can be greatly reduced.


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